Now that you’ve enabled browser access, you should now see four icons on the bottom of your Trust Wallet. 

Click the browser icon (second from the left), search for “PancakeSwap,” and then click PancakeSwap to access the exchange. 

From within PancakeSwap, click “Connect” in the upper right corner and then “Connect to Trust Wallet” in order to connect PancakeSwap to your Trust Wallet. This will allow you to trade your BNB Smart Chain for MetaBit Coin.

If you’re not already in it, please select Exchange from the menu icon located at the top left part of the screen.

Once connected you will be in the exchange window, we’re going to need to search for and then select the $BITRISE token.

Before you actually trade your BNB for MetaBit Coin, we’re going to need to adjust your “slippage tolerance” (this allows for a trade to be completed while prices fluctuate). In the upper right corner of the exchange window, click the three little lines to access the slippage tolerance options window. 

People have had success with a few different amounts depending on the volume of transactions that are going on at a given time, but 12% is the most commonly used (we’d recommend trying 11.1% to start). 

Click accept, agree to any prompts that come up and then return to the main exchange window. 

In the upper “from” field, click BNB if it isn’t already selected.

In the lower “to” field, you’ll need to click “select a currency” and then search for $BITRISE by pasting in this token contract code: 0x05f2df7b3d612a23fe12162a6c996447dce728a5

You should see BITRISE in the drop down list:

In the upper box, please select the amount of BNB that you want to transfer to BITRISE. If you want to swap all of your BNB for BITRISE, click the MAX button (though we recommend always keeping at least $10 in BNB for future trades).

If everything looks correct and you’re comfortable with the amounts, click accept on all of the prompts that come up in order to execute the trade.