Next we will need to get BNB into your Trust Wallet, which can be done by either buying directly from Trust Wallet or transferring your existing BNB from another wallet / exchange.

Option A: Purchasing BNB on Trust Wallet

To purchase BNB from your Trust Wallet, click on your BNB wallet and select “BUY” in the top right corner.

Enter the amount you want to purchase and click next (you will be redirected to another window to purchase).

Once you have completed your purchase BNB will be viewable in your wallet within 2-5 minutes.

Option B: Transferring BNB Into Your Wallet

To transfer from another wallet, you will find your Trust Wallet BNB address by clicking BNB and then clicking the “receive” icon. 

On the receive page, you will find your unique Trust Wallet BNB address (it’s the 42 character address that starts with “bnb1”).

Copy the address and paste it into the exchange you are sending BNB from. You may have to complete a two-step authentication process by entering a code that will be texted to your mobile device from the wallet you are transferring BNB from.